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Project Management

Welcome to Panache’s Collaborative Project Management, where we synergize our rich legacy, market insights, and innovative strategies to drive success in the commercial sector. For three decades, we’ve mastered the art of managing complex projects, deploying unique methods, and establishing robust national supply chains to consistently exceed financial goals.

We embrace a collaborative approach, working hand in hand with owners, banking developers, and other stakeholders. This partnership extends beyond project completion, as we continue to provide unparalleled support and assistance, ensuring that the value we’ve created together continues to grow. Our strategic alignment, budget control, and post-project support culminate in high-value commercial real estate ventures that stand the test of time.

The long-standing relationships we’ve built with industry key players reflect the trust they place in our professional acumen, integrity, and commitment to their success. At Panache, we’re not just shaping buildings; we’re shaping the future of the commercial real estate industry.

We invite you to join us in this journey of growth, sustainability, and continued success. Trust in Panache – together, we are building a brighter, greener future, one commercial project at a time, and offering ongoing support long after the completion bell rings.

Our Process

Panache offers full-service integrated project management and construction and development services, with a sharp focus on bringing every customer’s vision to life.

To create a truly successful project, a space must thrive once construction is complete. To support economic success, we support clients in developing business plans and investment prospectus for real estate and infrastructure assets. From project feasibility and pro forma development to project management, we are here to take a holistic look at all project and development goals.

We believe that successful design begins with researching and understanding users, allowing for the creation of dynamic yet functional, enriched spaces. From concept to execution, Panache prides itself on creating environments that connect people, business, and community.

At Panache, we know that innovative projects grow from thoughtful and intentional planning. From real estate and market assessments to strategic site evaluations, benchmarking, and more, we ensure long-term project success through careful consideration of each phase of the project life cycle. With the full scope of the project at the forefront, we remain flexible to changing project requirements while prioritizing sustainable solutions and minimizing waste.

From the moment the project is proposed, Panache develops a strategy to create the highest quality product while organizing and facilitating all aspects of development. On time, under budget, and exceeding expectations – that is our mission. We understand that successful projects rely on continuing communication and collaboration.

Each project is designed in real time as the build takes place, with innovative methods of planning-centered construction and a focus on continuous teamwork and collaboration. Panache acts as a single point of contact to work with clients, designers, engineers, and contractors to refine the budget and streamline the schedule while incorporating clients’ ongoing requirements and ideas.

Our expertise in conducting Construction Financing Reviews is rooted in over 30 years of experience on projects totaling tens of millions of dollars. With on-site financial experts, our unmatched due diligence reporting is at the core of each of our services in this category, providing assistance with everything from loan agreement compliance and risk management, to budget and schedule review, and replacement scenario analysis.

Panache organizes a team of skilled professionals who are best suited to the project at hand, all selected based on project-relevant experience. We adhere to the strict requirements of LEED accreditation, promising sustainable and environmentally conscious building practices. Constructing green workspaces means lower utility costs in the future thanks to architectural features designed to offset electrical prices, conserve water, and minimize heating and cooling needs.

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Technology is rapidly evolving in all sectors, and as algorithms and automated systems become increasingly commonplace, the traditional commercial, industrial, residential, and health environments are adapting to keep up. Workplaces are incorporating these new technologies into their existing models, creating spaces that are as comfortable and profitable as possible while embracing the exciting changes technology can offer.

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No matter the job, Panache strives to form meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients from the moment the work is brought to us to well after construction has finished, providing services throughout the life-cycle of your project. Through assistance with contract negotiations, furniture, fixtures, and equipment procurement, move coordination and more, our comprehensive services don’t stop where construction ends.

Project Management Services

Our services in project management include:

• Keep multiple, related projects in sync, on schedule and within budget

• Help owners, financial institutions, and others reduce uncertainty and risk in capital programs

• Managers review every detail of all projects, create objectives, plans, and priorities, manage and control the process

• Offer clients a complete solution to deliver projects on-time and within budget

• Project managers that offer market sector expertise

• Risk assessment offers clients understanding of what can wrong

• Identify potential issues on a project before they develop into problems, and recommend ways to maintain schedule

• Successful construction management requires a detail-oriented and diligent approach

• Proactive management by professionals with experience, skills, and technical support each project requires

• Credentialed professionals with seasoned, hands-on experience in construction

• Practical knowledge needed to effectively manage any type of project

• Teams provide timely objective reports, from evaluating performance of the construction manager, designer and contractors, to monitoring schedules and analyzing costs

• Teams include diverse specialists in all construction phases so all events can be assessed and evaluated by the right expert on a timely basis

• Provide clients with technically and financially sound recommendations while being compliant with funding sources

• Help clients regain control after problems cause delays or budget overruns

• Create new schedules, draft new plans, and implement procedures to get project back on track

• Able to augment client’s construction team based on unique needs of each assignment

• Offer professionals with flexibility and expertise

• Project managers, construction managers, engineers, architects, designers, schedulers, financial analysts, contract administrators, and other professionals available

• Starts with understanding our clients’ needs, design intent, systems installed, and goals

• Creates a complete outline of testing needed with acceptance criteria, required documentation, and training outline

• Results in systems that function as specified, from start to end

• Prepares cost estimates on a wide range of projects

• Gather vendor quotes, material costs, and labor rates

• Creates accurate and detailed estimates

• Align best models, processes, and procedures

• Use the best resources and maintenance regime to be certain facilities and equipment function properly, efficiently, and safely throughout their life cycle

• Offers a solution that begins at project kick-off, connecting with clients and establishing connections with installation contractors, management teams, designers and manufacturers to deliver buildings best suited to their objectives

• Meet the agreed upon requirements of clients in most cost-effective way by providing a high standard of management and technical expertise

• Stay within approved budget while maintaining the schedule, quality, cost, health, safety, and environmental objectives

• Employ professionals with drive and determination to work as a team

• Shapes and sharpens skills such as public speaking, presentation development, and writing.

• Hones skills specific to construction management, comprehensive project management, architecture, engineering, and interior design.

• Is open to all stakeholders, helps improve skills in managing and leading people, projects, and teams.

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