Building Solutions Partners

Plumbing Fixtures

American Standard

A renowned leader in plumbing fixtures, offering innovative products for commercial and residential applications.


A global brand known for high-quality kitchen and bath products, providing stylish and functional fixtures.

Flooring Solutions

Bentley Mills

Premier manufacturer of commercial carpet and flooring solutions, known for sustainability and design.

Mannington Commercial

Offers diverse flooring options, including carpet, vinyl, and rubber, for any project.


Specializes in durable rubber and vinyl flooring for high-traffic commercial environments.


Leading national brand providing high-quality ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles.

 Shaw Floors

Known for exceptional carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile flooring solutions.

Building Materials and Surfaces

Building Plastics, Inc. (BPI)

Trusted supplier of floor covering and decorative surfaces for aesthetic enhancement.


Renowned for premium engineered quartz surfaces, offering beauty and durability for countertops.

Waterworks and Underground Utilities

Ferguson Waterworks

Leading supplier in the waterworks industry, providing high-quality products for water and gas infrastructure.

Electrical Gear and Control Systems

General Electric (GE)

Powerhouse in electrical engineering, offering quality, durable, and innovative solutions.


Global leader in automation and control, optimizing energy distribution and commercial efficiency. 

Square D by Schneider Electric

Synonymous with reliability and safety in electrical distribution.

Lighting Solutions

Lithonia Lighting

Leading provider of energy-efficient and innovative lighting fixtures for commercial use.

Modern Forms

Designer lighting fixtures blending modern aesthetics with advanced technology.

HVAC and Mechanical Systems

Trane Technologies

Global leader in HVAC and building automation, enhancing indoor comfort and energy management.

Access Control and Security Systems


Specializes in access control systems, offering secure and convenient entry solutions.

Honeywell Security

Trusted name in security solutions, offering access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection.

ADT Commercial

Provides integrated security solutions, ensuring the safety and protection of commercial properties.

Appliances and Kitchen Products


Leading manufacturer of high-end appliances, known for quality, durability, and innovation.

Bathroom Products


Leading manufacturer of stylish and functional bathroom products for commercial and residential use.

Luxury Fixtures and Furnishings

Saks Fifth Avenue

Provides high-end fixtures and furnishings, known for luxury retail offerings and elegance.

Solar Energy Solutions


Leader in high-efficiency solar panels and systems, offering sustainable energy solutions.

First Solar

Leading provider of photovoltaic solar solutions, known for innovative thin-film solar panels.

Tesla Solar

Offers cutting-edge solar panels and roof tiles with integrated Powerwall batteries.

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