Brownfield Development

Brownfield Development

At Panache, a critical component of our sustainable development program is our specialized work on Brownfield sites. These sites, often urban industrial properties, commonly face challenges such as soil or groundwater contamination, necessitating comprehensive environmental remediation prior to redevelopment. Our proficiency in Brownfield redevelopment is underpinned by a deep understanding of environmental regulations, nuanced insurance considerations, and leveraging government incentive programs.

Our success in this domain is further bolstered by robust working relationships with regulatory agencies, enabling streamlined processes and adherence to compliance. Our expertise in Brownfield redevelopment is a strategic asset, particularly in accessing properties for new mixed-use projects in markets where land availability is constrained.

The redevelopment of Brownfield sites yields significant community benefits, including ecological restoration, wildlife habitat creation, job generation, an augmented tax base, and enhanced property values for both the site and adjacent areas. Our technical acumen and strategic foresight in navigating the complexities of Brownfield development underscore our commitment to transforming these sites into thriving, sustainable communities.

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