Engineering Strategies

Engineering Strategies at Panache

Engineering Strategies at Panache
Panache, while not an engineering firm, bases its superior performance in the commercial real estate industry on our flexible and innovative construction management approach. This strategy is deeply intertwined with our collaborations with a robust network of expert Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineers.

Tailored Project Strategies
Understanding that each project has its unique requirements, we tailor our engineering strategies to ensure optimal results. In certain instances, we engage engineers to oversee specific aspects of projects, ensuring seamless integration and execution of all elements.

Role of MEP Engineers
Our team of MEP engineers, selected for their adaptability, innovation, and technical proficiency, play a central role in our approach. From system startups to operational optimization, these professionals use their expertise to translate unique design concepts into functional, efficient, and sustainable realities.

Transparency and Stakeholder Engagement
At Panache, our commitment to transparency involves keeping our stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the project. We provide comprehensive yet accessible insights into the technical aspects of each project, from the design phase that incorporates principles of energy efficiency and sustainability, to the operational phase that ensures seamless system functionality.

Commissioning Process
Emphasizing the commissioning process, we conduct rigorous testing of all MEP systems to validate their function according to design specifications. This crucial step ensures operational efficiency, safety, and readiness for occupancy, thereby adhering to the highest industry standards.

International Collaborations
We are proud to have developed partnerships with leading international companies like Trane Technologies. These collaborations allow us to work closely with them and directly purchase cutting-edge technology, reinforcing our commitment to incorporating global standards and advanced solutions in our projects.

Distressed Properties
Panache also specializes in distressed properties. We identify, acquire, and revitalize these assets, transforming them into valuable real estate assets. Our teams of engineers and project managers assess these properties, identify structural and system issues, and devise sustainable and cost-effective rehabilitation plans.

Panache stands at the intersection of precise engineering execution and innovative construction management. By tailoring our engineering strategies to each project’s unique needs and ensuring seamless, precise execution, we continuously redefine industry standards, shaping the future of commercial real estate.

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