Project Diversity

Constructing Mixed-Use Buildings
At Panache, our construction process for mixed-use buildings emphasizes precise project coordination and efficient use of resources. We consider factors such as the timing of material deliveries, allocation of manpower, and the phasing of construction to mitigate disruption between the different uses of the space. We incorporate industry-leading construction methods to ensure structural integrity and safety, all while adhering to strict timelines and budget constraints.

Building Spaces for Software Companies
Our construction approach for spaces dedicated to software companies incorporates advanced technologies and materials to create flexible, future-ready environments. We install robust IT infrastructure, ensuring high-speed connectivity and data security. Acoustic considerations are also integral to our build, ensuring noise control for a productive work environment. Furthermore, we carefully construct ergonomic workspaces that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing needs and company growth.

Erecting Industrial Buildings
For industrial buildings, our focus shifts to constructing facilities that can endure heavy operations and facilitate efficient workflows. We consider critical elements such as load-bearing capacity of floors, strategic placement of utility systems, and installing industrial-grade HVAC for optimal air quality and temperature control. We also implement advanced safety features and fire suppression systems. In the build phase, we strictly follow regulatory standards, ensuring the constructed industrial space is ready for heavy-duty operations and complies with all safety norms.

Constructing Medical Clinics
When it comes to constructing medical clinics, Panache prioritizes creating a safe, functional, and patient-friendly environment. Construction involves strict adherence to healthcare regulations and guidelines, ensuring spaces are sterile and conducive for various medical procedures. We place special emphasis on constructing effective HVAC systems for air quality control, integrating seamless medical gas systems, and building easy-to-clean surfaces to maintain hygiene. Infrastructure to support advanced medical technology is also part of the process, ensuring clinics are ready to provide high-quality healthcare services.

Building Focus Group Rooms of the Future
As we construct focus group rooms, we anticipate the technology of the future. Our construction process involves integrating advanced infrastructure to support facial recognition systems, biometric scanners, and state-of-the-art audio-visual systems for live streaming. The room layout is designed to cater to the rigors of various research methods, ensuring the comfort of participants and observers alike. We install acoustically engineered walls and ceilings to maintain the confidentiality of sessions, and employ design elements that make the space adaptable to the changing needs of research methodologies. At Panache, we are ready to construct focus group rooms that are well-equipped for the future.

Constructing Digital Media Research Facilities
When it comes to constructing digital media research facilities, Panache appreciates the importance of evolving technology and the need for flexible, innovative spaces. These facilities require advanced audio-visual systems and high-speed connectivity to support the fast-paced, dynamic nature of digital media research. Our construction process includes installing dedicated server rooms, climate-controlled equipment rooms, and spaces designed for collaborative or solitary work, depending on the unique requirements of each project. We also emphasize acoustics, lighting, and ergonomics in these facilities, ensuring they promote creativity and productivity. Furthermore, we integrate security features, such as access control systems, to protect valuable data and equipment. The end result is a digital media research facility that serves as an inspiring, efficient, and secure environment for cutting-edge research and innovation.

Tenant Improvements
Panache also specializes in tenant improvements. We understand that as businesses evolve, so do their space requirements. Whether it’s a layout change, infrastructure upgrade, or aesthetic renovation, our team is well-equipped to handle any improvement project with minimal disruption to business operations. We follow a meticulous planning process, liaise closely with the tenants, and use high-quality materials and construction methods to enhance the functionality and appeal of the space while adhering to building codes and regulations. At Panache, we help tenants tailor their spaces to their exact needs, enhancing productivity and satisfaction.

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