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Advanced Design and Construction Insights

1. Site Selection and Analysis

• Geotechnical surveys to assess soil conditions and load-bearing capacity

• Environmental impact assessments to identify potential contamination or ecological concerns

• Infrastructure analysis for utility availability, transportation access, and logistics optimization

2. Design and Engineering

• Utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for 3D visualization and clash detection.

• Structural analysis to determine optimal load paths and structural integrity under dynamic loads.

• Incorporation of modular construction techniques for scalability and reduced on-site construction time.

3. Construction Materials and Methods

• Selection of high-performance building materials for thermal efficiency and durability

• Implementation of lean construction practices to minimize waste and maximize value

• Advanced fabrication techniques, such as off-site prefabrication, for quality control and faster erection

4. Building Systems

• Integration of smart building technologies for real-time monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting, and security systems

• Design of specialized ventilation systems for hazardous materials or controlled environments

• Implementation of energy recovery systems to reduce HVAC loads and improve efficiency

5. Regulatory Compliance

• Understanding of complex zoning laws and building codes specific to industrial operations

•  Compliance with International Building Code (IBC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards

•  Coordination with local authorities for permits and inspections throughout the construction process

6. Project Management

• Application of Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling to optimize project timelines and resource allocation

• Risk management strategies to identify and mitigate potential project delays or cost overruns

• Utilization of construction management software for real-time project tracking and communication

7. Technology Integration

• Implementation of Industry 4.0 principles for automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies

• Integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices for predictive maintenance and operational efficiency

• Design for compatibility with advanced robotics and automated material handling systems

8. Sustainability

• LEED certification guidance for green building design and construction

• Integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic panels and wind turbines

• Water conservation strategies,
including rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling

9. Maintenance and Upkeep

• Development of comprehensive facility management plans for long-term asset preservation

• Implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) for efficient tracking of repairs and maintenance schedules

10. Post-Construction Support

• Provision of as-built documentation and digital twins for facility management and future modifications

• Training programs for facility staff on the operation and maintenance of building systems and equipment

System & Factory Process Design Services

With an extensive background in food and chemical factory design, our team provides engineering services ranging from pilot plants to concept designs of new systems. As alumni of major tech companies and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms—such as General Electric, Bechtel, Royal Dutch Shell, black and Veatch, and Schlumberger and Jacob—our engineers are highly experienced in every aspect of the design and execution process. Through Panache’s use of boutique coalitions, our engineers can form efficient and highly skilled teams to suit each project’s needs without the overhead costs and higher fees of traditional EPC firms.

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